The 2020 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
Runs Sept. 21, 2020 – Jan. 15, 2021

The CFC enables federal employees of all stripes — military, civilian, postal and even retirees! — to give to non-profit organizations which have applied and been reviewed closely before being accepted to the CFC list. The CFC is a highly efficient, trustworthy way to support your choice from a list of thousands of organizations working on programs near and far. It’s super easy to give by payroll deduction, or set up a one-time or recurring electronic payment. The CFC is overseen by the federal Office of Personnel Management. Details about the program that has been in place for more than 50 years can be found here.

If you have questions about the CFC in the Gateway CFC Zone, please contact Allie Chang Ray at or Katie Barker at 

Thank you!


Dear Federal Agency Leaders and Personnel,

The Gateway Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is currently seeking volunteer Campaign Coordinators for every federal agency. A Campaign Coordinator’s primary duty is to ensure every Federal employee within their agency is given the opportunity to give through the CFC.

Serving as a Campaign Coordinator is a fantastic opportunity for someone to network within their own organization, increase their visibility and hone skills in management, strategic planning, problem solving, and more as they work towards improving the world and community around all of us.

Training will be available “virtually” this year, and many electronic tools will be available due to COVID restrictions. Interested personnel serving in this great volunteer opportunity should contact Allie Chang Ray at or Katie Barker at Please provide the following information:

  • Federal Agency Name and complete address
  • Coordinator(s) full name, e-mail, and work phone number. (Please include their mobile number if it is needed for communicating during these COVID times!)
  • Number of Employees at the Agency

Please say YES to finding and enabling someone to serve in this important role. On behalf of our federal community and the numerous worthy charities we support, thank you for your continued support of the Combined Federal Campaign!