Professional Development


Under Strategic Goal #2, Workforce Development and Support, the STL FEB strives to provide a myriad of training, education, and recruiting opportunities for the federal community in the greater St. Louis area.

Federal Academic Alliance

In partnership with the Office of Personnel Management, the Federal Academic Alliance is comprised of universities across the US which offer discounted tuition for federal employees and/or their families. Please click HERE to see the list of colleges and universities that are currently partnering under this alliance.

St. Louis Leadership Development Program

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Center for Leadership Development is proud to offer its innovative St. Louis Leadership Development Program (SLLDP) for a select group of GS-12s to GS-14s (or equivalent) working in federal or location government organizations in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. For additional information on the program, visit OPM, Center for Leadership Development

University of Kansas, Kansas City Partnership

The University of Kansas provides affordable tuition rates and scholarship opportunities to federal employees.