The consideration of efforts and participation in the 2018 Gateway Combined Federal Campaign (CFC); CFC statistics should reference increased percentages of employees contacted, employees participated, or employee attendance at local CFC events. Monetary statistical data should not be included in the award nomination submission.

Evaluation Period: Raters should focus on the nominee’s direct contributions to the 2018 CFC Campaign. However, because of the challenges resulting from the significant changes to the CFC in 2018 by the U.S Office of Personnel Management, raters are authorized and encouraged to include contributions prior to, during, and after the 2018 Campaign (October 8,  2018 – February 22, 2019) by the nominee.

Criteria for awards related to Combined Federal Campaign:

  • Creation, organization, and oversight of special events and promotional activities for the CFC
  • Increased participation and morale / team-building, for both CFC and overall workplace
  • Statistical improvements, to the degree known over the previous year’s campaign. i.e.: Number of employees participating or a percentage increase in participation of the employee base over previous year’s campaign.
  • Timely reporting and accurate paperwork for special event organizing to the outreach Coordinator, and/or pledges to CFC Central Campaign Administrator.
  • Demonstrated consistent and excellent communication skills to all involved in the campaign (Agency heads, Outreach Coordinator, Campaign Coordinator, Loaned Executives, donors, etc.)



CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR/KEYWORKER. These positions’ primary responsibilities are to actively promote the CFC and directly engage with their colleagues to consider donating to the CFC.

PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES AND/OR SPECIAL EVENT ORGANIZER(S). The volunteer(s) who are key to the organization and success of CFC promotional activities, such as a special event or display(s), considering points such as creativity, publicity, employee attendance, effect on morale, and overall impact on the campaign.


LOANED EXECUTIVE. The loaned executive is assigned as an extension of the CFC professional staff to departments and/or agencies throughout the government to assist in all phases of the CFC.



SUBMISSIONS: You have the option of submitting nomination packages via regular mail, fax (314 539-6314) or e-mail at

All nomination packages must include an approved cover sheet and a typed narrative (not to exceed two pages), which specifically addresses the criteria specified in the nomination form.  Below is the Nomination form for EIG and CFC Awards Program. 

2019 STL FEB EIG Nomination Form

For specific questions regarding the CFC Awards, contact the Gateway CFC office at (314) 621-6182 or