2017 CFC Campaign

The Gateway CFC Campaign raised $1,128,405 million for charities and organizations.


On behalf of the Gateway CFC charities and organizations, THANK YOU!


2018 CFC Campaign




SUBJECT: 2018 Application Deadline for the Combined Federal Campaign

Through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), our Federal family demonstrates that our shared commitment to public service extends far beyond the workplace. Every year, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) seeks applications from charitable organizations such as yours to participate in the CFC. Last month, we announced the opening of the new CFC Application System and, pursuant to 5 CFR §950.601(a)(1), it was announced that the system would receive applications through January 31, 2018.

The response to system has been remarkable and the Office of CFC and the network of Outreach Coordinators continue to offer organizations training on the use of the new system. Therefore, in an effort to offer every opportunity to nonprofit organizations seeking to participate in this outstanding program, I am extending the application deadline through February 16, 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or if you require technical assistance with the new CFC Application System, contact the Customer Care Center at (888) 232-4935 or (608) 237-4935 or via email at support@cfccharities.org. Callers using TTY can call (800) 203-6280 or (608) 268-7740. Those with questions concerning CFC regulations or policy guidance can contact the Office of CFC at (202) 606-2564 or cfc@opm.gov.

Thank you for your support of the Combined Federal Campaign.

About the CFC

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a 56-year Federal workplace giving tradition that has raised more than $8 billion for charitable organizations. It is one of the largest workplace giving campaigns in the world. The funds raised each year through this campaign help neighbors in need around the corner, across the nation and throughout the world.

The New CFC (2017 and beyond)

The 2017 and all future CFC campaigns will have significant changes from previous campaigns.  These include:

Pledge process: Pledges will be made through a centralized, national web based giving system set up by the Office of Personnel Management.  It will streamline the process for federal shared services and payroll providers as it will be managed by one, central organization instead of over 120 organizations as in the past.

No more paper (well almost):  The CFC campaign now offers a paperless, web based giving system.  Donations can be made from a computer laptop, tablet, or your Smartphone.  
All paper pledges will be phased out by 2022. 

Volunteer time donations:  For the first time employees will be allowed to pledge volunteer time as well as money.

Retirees: Beginning this campaign year, federal employees can continue participation as retired employees by making donations from their annuities or by one time donations.

No cash donations: The campaign will continue to host charity fairs and promotional events but, as per OPM directives, may not hold fundraisers nor solicit cash donations.  CFC sponsored events will focus on increasing employee awareness of CFC charities and their mission.