October 18th
LEO Retirement Briefing (Part 1

November 12 - December 10
Online Virtual Benefits Fair

December 6th
FERS Retirement Seminar

December 11th
STL FEB Full Board Meeting

February 12th
Character Building (10:00 am)
Freedom Songs (1:00 pm)

The Greater St. Louis Federal Executive Board (STL FEB) is one of the original ten Federal Executive Boards established by President John F. Kennedy on November 10, 1961 through a Presidential Directive.

The Greater St. Louis Federal Executive Board is a catalyst for better government through communication, coordination and collaboration among Federal offices across the St. Louis metropolitan area, Southern Illinois, Eastern Missouri, and Southwestern Kentucky. This FEB is comprised of over 90 federal agencies over 75 counties. The over 40,000 federal employees  and military personnel continually make a significant contribution to the area economy as well as a strong commitment to community services.